I bought a piece of art in Israel. Can KUNSTENISRAËL supply me with information about import duties in the Netherlands?

KUNSTENISRAËL does not provide this sort of advice or information.

I am a student and I am organizing an art project. Can I apply for a contribution from KUNSTENISRAËL?

KUNSTENISRAËL limits its support and services to professional artists. Projects taking place in the course of a study or training, projects by amateurs, and projects taking place (largely or entirely) outside of the Netherlands are not part of our mission.

Does KUNSTENISRAËL also support Israeli artists who don’t live in Israel?

Certainly. Our special focus of interest is on projects that

  • …promote the awareness of Israeli art and/or artists in the Netherlands, and
  • …are a meaningful addition to the offering in the Netherlands, and
  • …have a demonstrable appeal for a broad audience
I have an idea for a project. Can KUNSTENISRAËL help organize or produce the project?

With the exception of our concert series and curators trips, KUNSTENISRAËL does not produce, organize or initiate projects.

Can I get an event added to the cultural agenda on the website?

Yes, that is possible. Events are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • It concerns a professional artist (any art genre) with an Israeli background
  • In the case of a lecture, the subject matter should be related to Israeli art or artists
  • In the case of a workshop, the leader must a professional Israeli artist

If these criteria apply, please send us your completed submission form and image no later than the 15th of the month prior to the event. Click on this link to download the calendar submission form.

I need financial support to create a work of art. Can KUNSTENISRAËL help me?

KUNSTENISRAËL supports the presentation of art, not its development.