KUNSTENISRAËL seeks to promote the awareness of the quality and diversity of the art of Israel to the widest possible Dutch audience. From 2011 until mid-2016, KUNSTENISRAËL made incidental grants to art institutions to present Israeli artists in the Netherlands. Starting mid-2016, KUNSTENISRAËL shifted its focus to serving as a matchmaker between projects and private sponsors. Twice a year, KUNSTENISRAËL organizes pitch sessions during which projects are presented to a group of potential supporters. Participation in these sessions is by invitation only.

If your project needs financial support, please send a short description and estimated budget by e-mail. We will then inform you if your project will be considered for a pitch session, and whether we know of funds that may be applicable to your project.

Furthermore, we maintain a separate Facebook page for artists from Israel, with opportunities for presentation and for funding: auditions, grants, residencies, etc.  Please also consult our links page for potentially helpful leads.

2011.10.003 The Gatewatcher - kleiner 4 kopie