Publicity support

Do you need to publicise an art project from Israel taking place in the Netherlands? Then we would like to refer you to the editorial team of Crescas: XXXXXX.
Crescas offers a broadly read cultural agenda and a weekly newsletter with tips regarding art and culture from Israel.

We can also help promote your event via our Facebook page and for Israeli artists we incidentally post information about auditions, subsidies and residencies on a separate ‘KUNSTENISRAËL Opportunities’ Facebookpagina.

Financial support

2011.10.003 The Gatewatcher - kleiner 4 kopieFrom 2011 until 2016, KUNSTENISRAËL provided incidental grants to art institutions to present Israeli artists in the Netherlands. Subsequently our focus shifted to serving as a matchmaker between projects and private sponsors.

On an occasional basis, KUNSTENISRAËL organizes pitch sessions during which projects are presented to a group of potential supporters. Participation in these sessions is by invitation only.

If your project needs financial support, please send us a brief description. We will inform you if your project will be considered for a pitch session, and whether we know of funds that may be applicable to your project.