KUNSTENISRAËL organises its own concert series, Music Connects. The series consists of supplemental performances by Israeli musicians who are already booked in or near the Netherlands. This allows a larger Dutch audience to make acquaintance with a broader spectrum of music ensembles from Israel. If your ensemble will be performing in the Netherlands, feel free to write us via concert@kunstenisrael.nl to inquire regarding the terms for participation in the series.

Previously featured musicians and ensembles include:

  • A Tale of Two Lights
  • Amit Friedman Quintet
  • Ancient Groove
  • Aquamarine
  • Assaf Sommer
  • Avishai Darash
  • Daniel Zamir
  • Diwan El Banat
  • Eran Har Even Trio
  • EvenSanne
  • Faran Ensembl
  • Gilad Hekselman
  • GrossDanceCompany
  • Israel Brass Quintet
  • Israel Golani
  • Itamar Erez & Yshai Afterman
  • Klezmer Plus
  • Magevet Choir
  • Maureen Nehedar
  • Michael Tsalka & Alon Sariel
  • Mimran
  • Mor Karbasi
  • Mor Levin
  • Mr. Cohen
  • Naama Liany
  • Nadav Dagon
  • Noam Vazana Trio
  • Piyutim Ensemble
  • Reut Ventorero
  • Simple Light
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Coherency
  • Tiltan (led by David Golek)
  • Vira Lozinsky & The Emil Aybinder Ensemble
  • Uriel Herman
  • Yaniv Kerem
  • Yemen Roots
  • Yoed Sorek
  • Zvov Trio

Below is a a sample of our 2015 season brochure

Brochure voor en achter



Brochure binnen