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01-02-14  Ostadetheater, Amsterdam

Honeymoon in Hollywood: cut, pasted, and intriguingly played (and sung) object theater. Miss Spencer, the lovely young but oh so lonely secretary of a great Hollywood producer pines away in her office. Answering the phone for her boss, keeping track of his appointments and listening to his stories, she has had her fill of it. Life might just pass her by if she didn’t have her secret dreams. Miss Spencer stays at the office every day long after everyone else has gone home. The pictures cut out of old movie magazines she has stashed away in the drawer of her desk help her escape into a larger-than-life daydream. As a glamorous star from the 1940s, she finally finds the love of her life. True happiness seems to be within reach. Till her dream clashes with reality in the light of dawn and Miss Spencer’s romantic story turns into a nightmare. 
After the performance, director Yael Rasooly will stay for a talk with the audience. Papercut is part of the Pop Arts Festival celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. Pop Arts presents the latest in the field of puppet and object theater from the Netherlands and abroad. Concept, directing, performing: Yael Rasooly, Design: Lior Lerman, Yaara Nirel, Sound: Binya Reches, Light design: Adam Yakin.