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13-06-13  Bioscoop Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam

Filmisreal, the festival for new Israeli cinema, will take place for the sixth time in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, or the first time in June. Filmisreal 2013 is showing the best and latest films from Israel. This year we have the most fiction films ever and no less than 20 Dutch premieres. 

Like every year during Filmisreal there will be film screenings, Q&As with filmmakers, a student film competition with an audience award, a festival lounge and much much more. 

The films are split up in three themes this year: Film is Love, where we take a closer look at the delicate balance between love, sexuality and lust, with films like Six Acts and Would you have sex with an Arab?; Film is Looking Back, wherein Israel as a young country looks back at its own history, with a new and fresh perspective. We will show Let’s Dance and Israel; A Home Movie amongst others; and Film is Perspective. We will show multiple perspectives on the conflict in Israel, form a Jewish-Israeli, Arab-Israeli and Palestinian point of view. How has the conflict had an effect on daily life in Israel and the choices people make?   

Sister, soldier is the first film of documentary filmmaker Dikla Zeidler. In this very personal documentary she follows her younger sister Chamoetal during her two years of military service in Israel. Dikla asks her father about his time in the army during the early 80 and about his time in Libanon, reveals traces. What happens to him when his youngest daughter, decides to go into the army. 
Documentary - Hebrew and Dutch with English subtitles. 

Filmmaker Dikla Zeidler will be present for a Q & A after the screening.