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01-06-12  Korzo, Den Haag

Bollwerklab is Bolwerk’s mobile, spontaneous, choreographically strongholding lab. Led by choreographer Andrea Boll, dancers and young choreographers Efrat Levy (Israel) and Alexander Gershberg (Israel/ Netherlands) explore their identity and their need for something to hold on to in a life between different cultures. Bollwerklab 7 is the first episode of a triptych on the subject of ‘identity’.

 Efrat Levy No Mad
In her solo No Mad, Efrat Levy analyses two states of being, that of a nomad and a madman. Curious as to their unique characteristics, she wonders if these are really two separate states of being. She attempts to combine the two characters, the nomad and the madman, through movement to accentuate their interaction. The solo is a crossroads where questions about identity, descent, politics, and the origins of dance collide.

 Alexander Gershberg - All About
"A gay son is the nightmare of every Jewish mother." Alexander invites the audience to experience his unique world of perception, filled with memories, stories, dances, music, and images that constitute the ‘mythology’ of his life. Inspired by films by Almodóvar and surrealist art, the performance is a collage of colourful, provocative, funny and sad stories, dances, and music.