Made possible by KUNSTENISRAËL


12-05-16 t/m 28-08-16  Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

Once in a Lifetime encourages the visitor to think about the finiteness of life. Dealing with our own mortality is not at all easy, but the awareness of this finitude is also a privilege and a source of strength. Our existence becomes meaningful precisely because it is fleeting. What traces do you leave behind? How do you deal with the time that has been given? The exhibition, a carefully selected combination of existing and new works, ranges from paintings, sculptures and spatial installations to film and video works, and offers a range of perspectives and reflections on the mystery of life and death. Yehudit Sasportas, for example, immerses the viewer in a video installation of an apocalyptic landscape that evokes unconscious feelings of loss and anxiety. Other works on display are, among others, by Danielle van Ark, Michaël Borremans, Job Koelewijn and the Austrian-Israeli duo Muntean/Rosenblum.