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23-04-15  Liberaal Joodse Gemeente, Amsterdam

Contemporary acoustic music on ancient instruments. Gad Tidhar, a camel shepherd, Roy Smila, from a small desert village and Refael Ben Zichry, from the high green mountains: inspired by nature, their environment and their ancient instruments, they bring the magical sounds of the east to life. After years of studying the music traditions of the East, the members of the Faran Ensemble have started creating their own unique sound, writing and performing compositions that merge the ancient sound of the east with a contemporary spirit. They find inspiration in nature, their environment and their ancient instruments, such as the oud and the kamancha. The music of the Faran Ensemble is a journey through the sounds, landscapes and cultures of the East. 
Their first live album was recorded in 2012 and in 2013 the group was invited to perform in the ‘Krakov Festival of Yewish Culture’. In the same year, the Faran Ensemble was one of 20 ensembles, picked out of 300 candidates, to perform in the ‘Yellow Submarine Exhibition Festival’ in Jerusalem. 

Ecstasy and serenity, meditation and dance… pure acoustic music (without amplification) and original instrumental compositions without words and interpretation. For Faran Ensemble, music is an adventure and an exploration.