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07-11-14  Podium MozaĆÆek - Studio RAST, Amsterdam

If Romeo and Juliet didn't die, would their love be ever-lasting? Or would even their marriage end terribly like that of Martha and George in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Meral Polat and Eran Ben-MichaĆ«l ask this question in Who's Afraid of Romeo and Juliet, a personal cabaret full of longing, fear, curiosity and humor. Armed with the history of their Kurdish and Jewish families and the musician Reint van de Brink, they search for the answer throughout the play. 
Eran Ben-MichaĆ«l earlier performed in George & Eran find the answer to World Peace! Parts I and II at De Parade. 
Actors: Eran Ben-Michaƫl and Meral Polat. Director: Celil Toksƶz. Music: Reint van de Brink (guitar). For more information:
[Photo: Curly and Straight]