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22-10-14  MerkAz, Utrecht

Mor Karbasi is the incarnation of a vibrant Ladino tradition, one which is organic and in constant evolution. Her new album La Tsadika reflects the significant steps she has taken since her previous work, ‘The Daughter of the Spring’ (2011) and ‘The Beauty and the Sea’ (2008) before that. 

This time, she has chosen to delve into her Moroccan origins by presenting the hidden treasures of Sephardic Moroccan repertoire. With La Tsadika she gives the listener a glimpse into the Andalus world through her innate ability to tell impassioned stories through her singing. La Tsadika, which marks an important step in her career, is the result of her exploration of Andalusian Morocco, blended with her own remarkable compositional talents. 

Line up: Mor Karbasi (vocal), Jorge Bravo (flamenco/gitar), Yshai Afterman (percussion). 

Photo: Daniel Kaminski