Made possible by KUNSTENISRAËL


12-09-14  Theater De Doelenzaal, Amsterdam

This is a story about the intangible sides of love. A mother talks about her son. Today is his first day at school and she is scared. Do you think he is going to be accepted? Or will they mercilessly exclude him? 
Debbie has a child with Down’s syndrome. 

Loes Hegger plays the mother in a down-to-earth way, but with feeling and humor. The drama is inside her, under the surface. As she transports us in a mellow monologue oozing with questions and contradictory yearnings, something very out of the ordinary occurs. In a fascinating, slowly altering portrait we see being drawn by the hand of a child, her son seems to be looking at her. He is looking behind her eyes and he sees everything, her fears, her desire to protect him and her love. 
He sees everything. He does not judge. 
That is what we do. 

The Child Behind the Eyes, written by Nava Semel from Israël in 1988, was performed more than a thousand times all across the globe. Prize-winning radio and theater productions have been put on in Israël, New York, Los Angeles, the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Germany and Turkey. The play is surprisingly up to date with the universal questions: How makeable are our lives and what is the significance of people who are different?