picture Paul Sixta Love-ism-sm kopieKUNSTENISRAËL supports the presentation of the arts and artists of Israel, often in cooperation with external organisations.

KUNSTENISRAËL has no religious or political affiliation and receives no funding from the Israeli government.

We present a concert series of Israeli musicians, both on our own and in cooperation with various presenters. We advise artists from Israel, as well as Dutch cultural institutions that want to present them, regarding performance opportunities in the Netherlands and sources of financing.

For publicity we work together with the independent Dutch foundation Crescas, that offers a section on Israeli art and culture in their weekly newsletter and on their website, edited by Natascha van Weezel.

We work together with the New York foundation Artis, which organizes, among other things, virtual studio visits and interviews with artists. When the world situation permits, Artis will once again bring museum directors and curators to Israel for special encounters with artists in their own studios. Their focus on visual art and artists from Israel makes Artis uniquely positioned to provide curators with relevant and current information.

Since 2011, KUNSTENISRAËL has built up an impressive file of the projects that have been realized through our help. Look for more information in our archive/dossier.