Mission / Goal

KUNSTENISRAËL supports presentations in the Netherlands of the work of Israeli artists so that the Dutch public can experience and appreciate the full diversity of Israeli art. KUNSTENISRAËL is an independent foundation and promotes artists, regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or political affiliation, who take creative risks and address challenges in their work.

Vision / Purpose

KUNSTENISRAËL works together with Dutch museums and other cultural venues and institutions in order to reach a broad audience. Our efforts are geared towards attaining an increasingly prominent place for Israeli art in the Dutch art world, in all art genres. We do this not only because Israeli art is world-class, but also because art inspires imagination and can broaden perception of the world. Art thereby engenders understanding and contributes to a more nuanced perspective of an increasingly complex world. KUNSTENISRAËL advocates artistic excellence and diversity and actively supports the speech and expression rights of artists.

Method / Approach

We achieve these goals by facilitating financial support for Israeli art presentations and by providing publicity through various channels, often in cooperation with external organisations. We also organize our own projects, including a concert series. We receive no government funding of any kind and are not affiliated with any political party or platform. KUNSTENISRAËL receives funding from individuals, funds and corporations and through revenue such as ticket sales.